RegionIce Cap
Founded25 Saunas 524 LE

The ancient ruins of Frosvirk are sited in a vast field of ebony ice called Maen Fyrk. Frosvirk and Maen Fyrk are behind a boundary ward. This force field was erected by the eldritch giants during the last days of Frosvirk. The Maen Fyrk Boundary Ward is unstable and has gaps, so sometimes the undead terrors of this area escape into Ice Cap and areas beyond. The most dangerous undead of the area are winterwights. These terrors are what became of some of the eldritch giants that perished at Frosvirk.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, the Thraedli founded Frosvirk in an icy vale of dense evergreen timbers. Frosvirk was built with blocks of blue-ice, the same blue-ice that is everywhere in Ice Cap, and with rimefire hardened heavy timbers. These were reinforced with arcane magic and made to be as hard as lava stone. They built this place to such strength because of what they were creating and unleashing within the massive halls and chambers of Frosvirk. At this citadel, eldritch giant necromancers sought to explore and learn all the dark necromancy contained in the Scrolls of Maen. This dark learning became a school of necromancy called Maen Saetild.

The powerful undead created at Frosvirk were one of the reasons why the small empire Saer Erkjorg came to dominate all those around them. The dark art of Maen Saetild is also what brought down Frosvirk. The necromancers tried to create a powerful weapon of soul-devouring. This unleashed some terror from the Abyss which devoured all the souls at Frosvirk. Some of those slain rose as winterwights, nightcrawlers, vampires, and other types of powerful undead. A vast field of ice around Frosvirk was tainted with necromantic energy, becoming Maen Fyrk. When the Thraedli of MiradalĂȘth learned of the desolation at Frosvirk, they sent powerful wizards to the area to contain the necromantic energy. In 1611 LE, eldritch arcanists used a Lith-Crillion spell, along with tolm monoliths, to create a boundary ward around Frosvirk and Maen Fyrk. This field of force became known as the Maen Fyrk Boundary Ward.

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