Yuan-ti (Pureblood)
Typeserpent, humanoid
Creation6 Brightstar 806 LE

The yuan-ti came about in the Lith-Crillion Era from demon experiments performed on Tragaran captives. At the time, Varelay's leader Aperoq chipped away at the power of Tilnangau. As a way of undermining this empire, vile experiments on Tragaran captives resulted in the creation of the yuan-ti race.

Yuan-ti spread to Hells Womb in 1110 LE. These were settlers sent out of Varelay. On the voyage north, they killed their demon overseers, becoming a free people. A small village grew up in the caves and crags of Rat. By the Horgon Era, yuan-ti population had expanded across the Saknussem jungle, then near the end of the same era they were in Sinarag. Over the next thousands years, and by the time of the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), yuan-ti civilization had declined to satraps, small clans, with their eastern holds, once great trade centers, becoming the abodes of beasts and monsters. Today, most of Saknussem's yuan-ti are citizens of the Council of Bile, while those of Sinarag serve the Ningizzida Empire.

In the Varelay Upheaval (2608 LE - 16 HE), some yuan-ti followed the Tragarans into Azrik and Gulimbor and then to the islands between the Karterus and Brucrumus. Those that remained behind as Varelay crumbled, are citizens of Malshirk'iss or making their homes across the great Gurutharni swamp.

Racial Traits
Racial as yuan-ti
Lifespan 120 years