Built19 Hollow 1546 LE

Mirundân is a Lith-Crillion fortress, long unclaimed, spreading up and into the Sarzan'nâth. It is the abode of battle briars, Thorn, Pixie, and other fey. These creatures are generally hostile to outsiders and act in concert to protect the fortress from treasure seekers.

The Lith-Crillion built this place to act as a focal for testing nature magic on a very large scale. Writings found in Mirundân indicate that the area around Sarzan'nâth was once surrounded by a vast desert basin and that it was transformed into a verdant landscape.

This ancient fortress spews water from several channels that then cascade down the slopes of Sarzan'nâth into Nurem. Thick, verdant forests surround Mirundân and the rivulets flowing down slope. There is an aura of ancient magic emanating from the fortress that is so strong that weaker minded beings have been permanently changed to something closer to nature.

This change makes them become wilder and more drawn to nature and yearning to escape the trapping of civilization.

- Aehin-Mor, of Cheldremn - "Mirundân Effect"

One of the nature forges inside Mirundân is called the Mirundân Root. This crafting area has been used to create very powerful druidic magic items.

In Dras'ee's War (1517 - 1519), Mirundân served as the headquarters of Lenassu Dras'ee and her Hive Army.

Notable Areas
Civilization Tree
Sâlo Tânê 51