RegionSakal, Dhark Bolg, Weretopia

In the Creation War, the Akthol Kûn was an army of Turkûn. They came to Bal-Kriav under the banner of the Covenant commander Danzar-Khâl, battling the primordials and their vast armies. They remained on this world, engaged in cleaning up operations against the remnants of the primordials and repairing the defensive fortifications of the Eyegaihur valley.

The Akthol Kûn went into action again in Demon Spawn War. By 9491 GE, the Demon Spawn War was one of mopping up operations. It was in this year that Danzar-Khâl decided it was time to join the growing ranks of Higher Powers. He left the mortal systems for the Nawenglorûs system. Those that had served under him, were left to make it on their own.

The Akthol, the name they chose for the peoples of the disbanded armies, along with the Tharag, took over the Covenant military bases in western Ušuškad. Some of these places, dating from the Creation War, became their villages and towns. High up in the mountains, built for war, some far from food, were not the best places to increase population. There fortunes changed in 12 LE. In this year, prospectors re-discovered Aphalur. Many left the mountain redoubts for this long-hidden city.

In 310 LE, Tharag and Akthol settlers were sent down Sakal's Earth Seam. A year later, after crossing nearly 2,000 miles of Underdark, going under a sea, they decided that it was no way of getting back home, so they founded the Felak settlement.

In 415 LE, the Akthol and Tharag established the Akthol-Tharag Empire. They rule a territory covering a large part of the western Ušuškad.

Both the Akthol and the Tharags claim to be the first dwarven peoples put on Bal-Kriav. They claim that one of the Plaques of Aphalur written in Dwarven, bears the mark of Danzar-Khâl:

The first dwarven people of Bal-Kriav are the Akthol and the Tharag. They will serve as my guardians of Aphalur and other angelic bastions of Ušuškad.

- Danzar-Khâl, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Guardians of Ušuškad"