Pyramid of Power

BuiltLith-Crillion Era

On the world of Bal-Kriav, the Pyramids of Power were designed by Aggda engineers and then built by the Dezellâm. These were sand giants of Stafknir Hrerbjof; Giant for Sands of Hell. They built these monolithic structures as temples to the Lith-Crillion. The first of these, the Pyramid of Life, was constructed in the Year 208 LE. The real purpose of this colossal structures and others like it, was research and protection from those that wanted Lith-Crillion technology.

The Dezellâm looked upon them as gods, and the Lith-Crillion were liking it. They had become attached to those they were supposed to be monitoring without undue interaction. The Lith-Crillion needed builders and laborers, but once the work was done, their laws strictly stipulated that they separate.

- a Pyrmidian Ghoul to the Black Banner - "Guardians of the Pyramid"

On Bal-Kriav, there are six Pyramids of Power. At 1200' tall, the typical design was to have 700' of the structure on the surface and 500' beneath it. The underground part served as a link to the subterranean reaches which was equally as important for study as the surface. Truly massive structures with dozens of levels, supporting research, the defenses of these places include mazes, traps, passages and chambers that reconfigure based on the time of the day or even the temperature outside the Pyramid. Some levels are reachable only by carefully hidden doors or by way of teleportation chambers. Rapid transport nodes, these magical chambers were very important, links to the other Pyramids of Power scattered thousands of miles from each other. It is said that if the right pattern is taken, you can go to every Pyramid, a round trip taking 27 days; assuming time it taken for teleportation fatigue. Today, traveling to each Pyramid of Power, on this world and to distant ones, is impossible. Most are under the control of someone, or under the watch of those preventing their use.

Pyramids of Power are living organisms that gain sustenance from the environment around. For the Pyramid of Nature, it thrives on nature energy, the Pyramid of Merioss by solar energy. Considered low sentients, food and survival are their primary motives.

As stores of great energy, many have attempted to master the Pyramids of Power; explorers, liches, and armies. In the end, many fail, driven off by the Pyramid's internal and external defenses.

The colossal pyramid rests in Kautha's briny waters. The rays of Khâls Forge and Merioss create an unnatural gray haze about the structure. I see what the others don't, invisible tendrils lashing the haze, absorbing some form of energy.

- Dax Jagg, from his journal - "Chronicles of Black Banner"

In the Year 1441, explorers out of Khimilêth entered the Pyramid of Life. On this expedition, they found damning evidence of the Lith-Crillion's past dealings with the sand giants. One tome they found, which was obviously not written by a Lith-Crillion, said:

We toil as if we are under awe of some dragon or higher power, and build these pyramids across the lands. My brothers think that they are befitting temples for the Lith-Crillion.

The Lith-Crillion don't use them as such though, instead turning them into come type of containment for magical energy of pure goodness or pure evil. The Pyramid of Life was a bad one, the source of the Stone Curse on my people.

- Eylleid, chief architect - "Call of the Harpies"

There is some truth to what Eylleid said. The Pyramids of Power are home to various energy rifts, some small, others very large. These conduits normally tap into the Web of Magic, giving the Pyramid the ability to use magic, and "good energy" and "bad energy", or positive energy and negative energy.

Most Pyramids of Power are guarded by Pyrmidian Ghouls. They vary in race and disposition, matching the peoples around them. In the Pyramid of Merioss, they are mostly Mîmêk, Drow and Tragarans, while the one in Ma'Ohari is home to Firenewt and Kuo-Toa stock. Since Pyrmidian Ghouls cannot procreate, units of Pyrmidian Bodysnatchers are sent out to gather more stock; finding living humanoids to convert into Pyrmidian Ghouls.

The Pyramids of Power
Specific NameBuiltPurposeRegionLocale
Pyramid of Life208 LELife EnergyMiradelgûnSands of Hell
Pyramid of Merioss237 LESolarHells WombKautha
Pyramid of Nature379 LENature EnergyHigh Wood CountryTaurquion
Pyramid of Conflict408 LESocial ConflictMa'OhariMalephar
Pyramid of Anti-Life540 LEAnti-NatureIzagunbarKhimrathil
Pyramid of Alchemy586 LEAlchemy, Aquatic LifeformsTroll BogsSinarag
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