Pyramid of Power

Krivian Ghouls, wardens of the Pyramids of Power
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BuiltLith-Crillion Era

The Pyramids of Power were built by Aggda engineers and the sand giant race Dezellâm. These sand giant built these monolithic structures as temples to the Lith-Crillion. The Pyramids never came to serve as religious edifices, because when one was done the Dezellâm were taken to the next build site. The Lith-Crillion instead used them as safe areas for research, living quarters, and moving people about Midrêth. This movement to distant place was done by teleportation chambers that link to one or more other Pyramids of Power.

The entirety has not been mapped, the secrets of the pyramid have yet to be tapped, and we plan on keeping it that way.

- a krivian ghoul to the Black Banner - "Warden of Hells Pyramid"

Six Pyramids of Power have been discovered, each are the same size, 700' tall on the surface and descending into the ground for another 500'. This depth is the same for all the Pyramids, whether they be in bedrock, marsh, or the deepest of oceans. They are truly massive structures, containing numerous levels, and countless traps and guardians. Many levels are reachable only by secret doors or teleportation chambers. The energy for the Pyramid's power comes from a number of Energy Matrixes, some small, others very large. These conduits tap into the Web of Magic and to sources of negative and positive energy rifts.

The Pyramids are sentient devices, capable of defending themselves against external and internal threats. They have been known to emit powerful blasts of energy from those using the Pyramid's internal controls or by the Pyramid itself acting defensively. These blasts have turned ships to kindling and ripped armies apart with waves of arcane energy.

During their early days of adventuring, Black Banner pierced the ground level of Hells Pyramid of Power. They cleared the first level of this structure and forged a treaty with a large force of Krivian Ghouls. Several years later, these hybrid ghouls armed with Night Howlers joined forces with the Black Tide in the Black Tide War.

The Pyramids of Power are said to contain massive stores of magical energy. Many have attempted to master the Pyramids of Power; explorers, liches, and armies. In the end, many fail, driven off by the Pyramid or by its guardians. It is believed that none of the upper levels of any of the Pyramids have been breached. These areas are a great secret and probably contain relics and devices of awesome magical powers. They are also thought to hold the pooled psyches of long-dead Lith-Crillion that now serve as the sentience in each of the Pyramids of Power.

A colossal pitch-black pyramid rises from the dismal marsh Kautha. The rays of Juniger and Merioss create an unnatural gray haze about the structure. The place is gloomy and shadowy even at the zenith of the two stars. The pyramid is set in a crater-like cauldron with foul smelling marshes and stagnant pools of water. Clear sight of the Pyramid of Power is obstructed by the haze about the cauldron and by the spires of rock jutting from the fens, stands of cyprus and decaying timbers. Many shallow pools hold grisly displays of skulls and bones of curious beasts.

The path leading to the pyramid appears unused. It is littered with bones and debris washed down from the ruins of Zayr.

An eerie feeling about the crater sets our nerves on end, as if an ancient and forgotten power resides within the pyramid; beckoning us to come forth and release some ungodly evil upon the world.

- Dax Jagg, from his journal - "Chronicles of Black Banner"

It was once thought that these ancient Pyramids pre-dated the Lith-Crillion Era. This theory was proven false when in 1441, explorers out of Khimilêth entered the Sand Pyramid of Power. On this expedition, they found damning evidence of the Lith-Crillion's past dealings with the sand giants. One tome they found, which was obviously not written by a Lith-Crillion, said:

We toil as if we are under awe of some dragon or higher power, and build these pyramids across the lands. My brothers think that they are befitting temples for the Lith-Crillion.

The Lith-Crillion don't use them as such though, instead turning them into come type of containment for magical energy of pure goodness or pure evil. The Sands Pyramid was a bad one, and the source of the Stone Curse on my people.

- Eylleid, chief architect - "Call of the Harpies"

There are an unknown number of Pyramids of Power. The one thing that is constant about the Pyramids of Power is their size and guardians. These guardians are the krivian ghouls. In each region where there is a Pyramid, they will have a force of krivian ghouls guarding and living in them. These hybrid ghouls vary in their race and disposition. The racial make-up of these krivian ghouls is tied to whatever species live in the area. In Hells Pyramid of Power, the krivian ghouls are mostly Mîmêk, drow and Tragarans, while the one in Ma'Ohari has krivian ghouls that are firenewts and kuo-toa.

Since krivian ghouls cannot procreate, Pyramidal Bodysnatchers are sent out. These are krivian ghouls tasked by their Pyramid of Power for restocking its inventory. This means finding living humanoids for conversion into krivian ghouls.

Named Pyramids of Power
Specific NameBuiltRegionLocale
Hells Pyramid of Power237 LE Hells WombKautha
High Pyramid of Power379 LEHigh Wood CountryTaurquion
Ivory Pyramid of Power540 LEIzagunbarKhimrathil
Jungle Pyramid of Power408 LEMa'OhariMalephar
Sand Pyramid of Power219 LEMiradelgûn Sands of Hell
Swamp Pyramid of Power586 LETroll BogsSinarag