The plains of Balormene are northwest of the Turnîrâth valley. Balormene is a magically dead area where no magic, including artifacts, will function in a 100 mile long by 20 mile wide by 5 mile deep strip. In this area is an ancient Lith-Crillion ruin called Crillius-Sarrus. The dead magic zone was here by the Lith-Crillion. They intended it to just affect an ancient creature imprisoned beneath one of Crillius-Sarrus's hills. This creature, the stone colossus Ingugrek, once served the primordials in the Creation War, was nearly freed by a spell that went awry. The creation of this dead magic zone was the only way from keeping this ancient behemoth from leveling the city.

Some intelligent undead favor this area because they can use the dead magic zone as a powerful defense against their opponents.

Notable Areas