Halavile Freydis

Halavile after being corrupted
RegionIce Cap
Class10th wizard / 10th necromancer
Raceeldritch giant
Alignmentneutral evil
Born9 Hollow 340 LE
Died22 War March 403 LE

Halavile Freydis was a mighty necromancer that lived in the Lith-Crillion Era. He was one of the three founders of Maen Saetild. He lived at Frosvirk and got a bit too involved in his work, such that his delving into the dark arts led to him becoming a corrupt and deformed being that looked more like something of the Abyss than an eldritch giant. He instigated a war between Amirlof and the goliath of Dunzakh for the sole purpose of making candidates for un-death. The creation of undead out of goliath dead is a great crime among Ice Cap's goliath, so when it was learned that Halavile was raising corpses from the ice fields of Stald, goliath emissaries were sent to Amirlof to figure out why one of their own was violating the soul's journey to Valhalla. The emissaries were so adept in their wording and references to eldritch beliefs of the after-life, that the two agreed to end their hostilities and focus on stopping Halavile and bringing him to trial for instigating a conflict that served only him.

The goliath and the eldritch giants were uneasy allies. They each went about finding and fighting him separately, for neither trusted the other. They were unprepared in the beginning because neither side had ever went up against an undead army.

An undead army is not hampered by the elements and can march tirelessly. They are not limited by food, water, and terrain advantages to the living are often mute to the walking dead. They can wade through bone numbing rivers without any discomfort. The best way of dealing with them is taking out the intelligent ones. Once this is done, lead the non-intelligent ones over cliffs, into walls of fire, or other hazards.

- Draki Glafnar, war chief of the Asskar, from the Glafnar Stratagem - "Fighting an Undead Army"

In the first engagements, Halavile's army grew in size, for when the enemy lost and was driven from the field, Halavile and other Maen Saetild underlings went to work. After a half year into the Halavile War, the undead army numbered 3,000. Halavile was caught between two armies at the Second Battle of Stald. The goliath under their war chieftains attacked them from the north and Amirlof's army hit them from the south. Halavile was in the process of conjuring up a blizzard when a group of chaos rocs and their eldritch giant riders flew in to attack him. He was critically injured in the melee and rather than be taken he broke his staff of the dead. This sucked the negative energy of hundreds of undead, destroying them in the process, and sending all the energy into Halavile. He was unable to contain such power. His body exploded in a tremendous blast of negative energy. Ice, armor, weapons, and bodies were blown outward with the explosion. The eldritch giants and the rocs that were battling them were blown out of existence. The ground beneath was weakened and the energies that flow through Ice Cap were altered. The ribbon of the Cube energy that flows through the area bent around what had become a great rift. This rift is plagued with the screams and voices of the goliath and eldritch giants who fell into its depths. This dark canyon of Fjorvir was named Halavile as testament to his power and a warning to those who sink too deep into Maen Saetild.

Two of Halavile's claim to fame is the Black Siege Crossbow and undead healing concoctions called Halavile Vapors.