RegionHigh Wood Country
Built6 Hollow 729 LE

This structure is otherworldly in appearance. Eight rectangles, each 400' long, 200' wide, and 40' tall are what is called Tubedellâm. The first structure is on the ground, each successive structure is staggered above the other and reachable by the adjacent level by broad spiral stairs rising 40'. The rectangles vary in color based on the amount of light striking their surface. At night with no moon they are pitch black, while during the brightest of days they glow with a piercing light.

Tubedellâm was built by the Lith-Crillion. It served as an abode for several hundred of them and their pets and subjects. The pets were psionic creatures that the Lith-Crillion studied and the subjects were those they experimented on to advance their knowledge of psionics. One of the most noted groups that once lived and worked here are the Kaglatôr, better known today as The Pure. At Tubedellâm they advanced the art of psionics and planned missions to hunt psionic creatures for study and or elimination.

Tubedellâm also served as a lab for creating psionic gadgetry. Two of the more well-known items they invented are Sakamâns Kisses and Mind Wipers.

Tubedellâm is a place of research and storage of ancient relics, writings, and history. It serves as the headquarters of the Mêšodaðûz. Tubedellâm is off-limits to non-guild members.

Tubedellâm was built during the Lith-Crillion Era. It served as a massive vault for lore and was an important research center for the Lith-Crillion. The first keepers were created at this place.

Notable Areas
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Sâlo Tânê 27