Ladies of Castration

We give no quarter to men.
RegionHells Womb
HeadquartersYazgals Sanctum
Diiv Kiir100%
Alignmentlawful neutral, lawful evil
Symbolfull bosom breastplate

The Ladies of Castration is a militant society, comprised of only female Diiv Kiir knights. It is one of the four military organizations that make-up the Orders of War. They are charged with patrolling and defending the southern territories of the Council of Bile.

Some elements of this order take great delight in capturing males, torturing them, mating with some, and selling others as slaves. The order sends off any males they bear to an orphanage in DrakhĂ´r, while the females are trained as knights. Castration knights that prove too self-serving and chaotic are sent to the sister order Entropic Guard.