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The Thought Trust is a small group of about 400 dwarves developed after Deep Six explorers discovered ancient colonies originally set up by a group of early liberated slave ancestors of the Incarsabec Rebellion (1531 HE - 1544 HE). The Trust, as it is called, was formed as a result of the exploration of those colonies on the Boshrin peninsula.

Within the ruins were logs of some of the first organizational efforts of the recently liberated slaves. These logs detailed plans of creating and harnessing a psionic item that would harness the enormous psionic potential of the githyanki and githzerai to specifically defend against the illithid enslavers. However, it was apparent through the logs that the early fractions in the githyanki and githzerai were already beginning. As a result, the records indicate that the item was never developed.

Upon receipt of this information, Deep Six immediately saw the potential benefits in the increasingly dire situation with the illithids. Having but a group of psychic warriors and fewer psions, the dwarves had to rely on the teachings and wisdom of psionicists of a guild called Gray Matter to develop this item. Specifically, the blue goblin Psion-Spit, who has been known to map the building blocks of psionics through the mental process and has constructed a number of psionic items.

Relying on a goblin was difficult enough but the dwarves were stunned by Spits success. Left within a chamber he created nothing. In actuality he created a psionic training chamber where the walls, floor and ceiling were the item. He called it the Great Mithril Chamber as a joke upon the dwarves, who did not understand the high brow humor, but appreciated any reference to the great metal despite there being no mithril in the room. The room would function only with a brick of bedrock in the walls, ceiling, and floor coming from under the great illithid city Penumbra. Those with more natural psionic talents than others would train in such a room for 6 months never leaving its walls to gain the powers of the Slayer.

Notable Personages
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