Regionsee below
Alignmentchaotic evil
Purposeanatomy, creation

Ryldorvir is a cult that delves into anatomy and the creation of new life forms. Most of these abominations are set free to wander the Underdark. They make use of deep rocks in many of their experiments. These stones with their mutative properties have led to the creation of some dastardly and dreadful monsters. One of the more hideous creations of the Ryldorvir is an acid-belching slug with the upper body of an ogre. These monstrosities are called ogre slugs.

In the Horgon Era, during the reign of the Zeymah'kein Empire, Ryldorvir cultists, funded by said empire, created the first drakkensteeds. On the empire's payroll, they became so wealthy that the cult was able to delve even deeper into the creation of new life forms.

In the Third Epoch, Zhuts Explorers visited the Isle of Arcana. After battling past ogre slugs they found a Ryldorvir teleporter that carried them to Quelmollendë, headquarters of the organization's Parenómë cell.

In the Kingdom of Bloodtusk, a former student of Ryldorvir named Giminâth was responsible for creating vilephants for the Skull Brigadiers.

Cells of Ryldorvir
TerelerrinArcanaFelth Catacombs (c.f. Felth)
Notable Personages
Giminâthcreator of the vilephants (c.f. Skull Brigadiers)