Purl Lattice

Businesspirating, smuggling
Regionall regions bordering the Triangle of Continents
Headquartersvaries by group or company
Deep Bred15%
Symbollattice of connected pearls
Established2 Hollow 45

This organization was founded in the First Epoch by a Dromite named Purl. She was the head of a pirate ship until her mid-30s and then branched out into other criminal enterprises. She absorbed other groups through pressure, guile, and force when necessary. To those that joined her, she offered protection and a collective defense for the pirates and other criminal outfits operating in the Buccaneer Archipelago. She also created a chain of command and a profit-sharing system where it was often more profitable to stay with her than go it alone.

Today, Purl Lattice is a powerful crime syndicate composed of criminal gangs, guilds, and companies. There activies span the spectrum of crime, black marketing, kidnapping and ransom, burglary, murder and so on. They operate in nearly all the port cities of the Triangle of Continents. During the wars of the past three epochs, they have never taken sides. As a result, they have grown wealthy and never taken on the enmity of the major powers of MidrĂȘth.

The current boss of Purl Lattice is an intellect devourer named Brainus. He is served by dozens of crime lords spread across the Buccaneer Archipelago and in the port cities of Brucrumus, Karterus and Straiden.