Gebs Chosen

Earth Archon35%
Earth Elemental20%
Purposemake Karnegmoth more like the world Granitoid
EnemiesCheldremn, Greenland Alliance

Gebs Chosen is a cult dedicated to terraforming the Karnegmoth region. They seek to make this region and others more like Granitoid; an Earthen world. They are responsible for the creation of the Earth Callers and the Togomud Sink; and more than any other, blamed for the Karnegmoth Cataclysm.

Gebs Chosen had its beginnings in Lamprophyre. At this subterranean research center, Rilirthad scientists studied ways to turn web ruptures into rifts. After the opening of the Gypsum Rift, Rilirthad's dao khan Sal'Rurg, bestowed great honors on these scientists, calling them "Gebs Chosen".

In the Second Kizan War, Gebs Chosen helped the Rúmil re-route the river Guirfeint. This aid was in the form of nearly two dozen earth elementals . The price of this service was gold and protection for Geb's missionaries in the lands of Rúmil and beneath. It was in the area beneath, the Underdark region Menortamon, where the missionaries set-up the cell Graywacke.

In its infancy the cult was comprised of radicals that sought to bring about the total change of the world Bal-Kriav by infusing it with matter from Chaos. Since this goal is not feasible, most have turned to spreading the Word of Geb and coaxing others to follow him.

This cult has a roster of members that are predominately creatures native to Granitoid. Any other races in it are likely radical types or pawns of some Earthen.

Cells of Gebs Chosen