Lix Tetrax

... so begins the Terror March
HeadquartersTas'dvr Mout
death knight90%
hell knight10%
Alignmentlawful neutral, lawful evil
Symbolskeletal knight on nightmare
MottoMight makes right
FounderRaxcvillibus Dumu-loc
Established19 Lunar 1465

Lix Tetrax is an order of death knights created by Raxcvillibus. A month after the order's formation, Raxcvillibus added its first member. The normal reason for joining the order is to learn from a legend, someone that served in the Hells under top generals, even one that led the Quara'tun Covenant in the Demon Spawn War. They could also be joining because of old age, terrible sickness, or disability. Raxcvillibus doesn't care if they have ulterior motives, as long as they have the utmost loyalty and the desire to excel.

Those applying to the Lix Tetrax know the cost. They are giving up a mortal existence for an immortal existence. They become an undead; something that tends to be feared and despised in most lands.

As a hell knight, Raxcvillibus has the power to create death knights. It is thought that he can control more as he ages as a hell knight. The most that he has ever had under his control at one time was 12, and that was during the Brothers Enmity War (1697 - 1723).

Sometimes, Raxcvillibus's creations try to go solo, making themselves their own master. This tends to happen when Raxcvillibus's is away for long periods of time. Two of these usurpers are imprisoned in the dungeons beneath the order's headquarters Tas'dvr Mout.

Most of the time, members of the Lix Tetrax serve Raxcvillibus with the utmost loyalty.

It is uncommon for a member of the Lix Tetrax fall. They don’t retire, unless Rax’s imprisons them, they don’t die of old age, they don’t get sick, and they don’t need to eat. They are lesser versions of their hell knight master, the one that exchanged their life energy for negative energy. A process that kills the patient, then raises them as an undead – most call this an abomination, others might call it a different state of existence.

When Raxcvillibus became Ba'lith emperor on 17 Artifice 1695, he made some of the Lix Tetrax his generals and admirals.

Members of the Lix Tetrax
NameRaceCommandCreatedService EndOther
EluinilKriavian ElfAdmiral
Galneus Admiral
HoalekMinotaurTas'dvr Mout Commander -imprisoned for usurpation
KhandûrFiendish Dwarf son of Khuzda
KhuzdaFiendish Dwarf ghost death knight guardian of the tower Varelay Riposte
KuraldaTragaranPillar of Horns Marines1465 1832
RyglaglanisGithyanki 1494 imprisoned for usurpation
Shali-VorMinotaur Brothers Enmity War
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