Paradomea Institute

RegionHells Womb
LocationParadomea City
Symbolopen tome

The Paradomea Institute is a learning center for theorists, historians, sociologists, philosophers and many other sciences. The annual Paradomea Debates are held by this school.

Paradomea Institute is a purveyor of knowledge. Many of the school's members are explorers and adventurers. There is a requirement to have a minimum of five years of field experience before being asked to join the Insitute. Admittance to the school is by invitation and passing a stringent background check. This check is mostly to determine if the prospective student, explorer or researcher will act in the interests of the greater good, rather than in their own self-interests. The relics, dusty tomes, and other information acquired by the school is studied, recorded, proofed, and passed along to other learning centers. These other learning centers are carefully vetted to make sure they are not working for another party that is not aligned with the school's code of not acting in your own self-interest.

The Institute also awards medallions for those that acquire lost or ancient knowledge that adds to the understanding of some subject matter. These medallions are no simple trinket or handed out to just anybody, they are prestigious and recognized for their significance in most civilized cultures of Midrêth.

Medallions Awarded By Paradomea Institute
Name of MedallionAwarded ToDateAwarded For
Medallion of Dark DelversMarching Twenty19 Lunar 1446Arioch Cloud
Medallion of the Great ExplorerPhoslomor20 Lunar 1745Survey of Midrêth
Medallion of NavigationWayfarers, Captain Xerseen Zleek-Farr20 Lunar 1805Sea Tunnel
Medallion of Mental ScienceKavdas Urkuzir2 Lunar 1809Ink Sphere, psionic study - trance, melding
Medallion of Historical AchievementZhuts Explorers20 Lunar 1835Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm
Medallion of Historical AchievementTrauma Squad20 Lunar 1835Lava to Water
Lava to Water
In the Underdark labyrinth Geledh, Trauma Squad found evidence of lava being turned into water. This was set in motion when Volgad controlled Imrik and the labyrinth Geledh beneath it. When the fire giants learned of the Volgads use of powerful magic to change lava they prayed to Surtur for guidance. Some historians say that is why Surtur made the risky move of participating in the Siege of Imrik. While exploring Geledh, the group also discovered a Sphere of Arcane and other items made from parts of the Cube of Arcane.