Sphere Oversight Division

Typecreation planning
Alignmentslawful neutral

The Sphere Oversight Division was tasked with recording Creation and modeling a world's projected development. The idea of creating a world turned out to be so complex, that an organization was formed with the intent to make sure that world's were built with balance and for long-term survival. The last thing any of the Creationists wanted to happen was a world being wrecked by bad planning. This had happened to hundreds of worlds, with Creationists figuring out that a world too close or far from a star limits your choice of species, and that environment and layout was important, along with hundreds of other factors.

The beginning of this group came about with observations of Piranoth, perhaps the greatest primordial creationist, his building a great system of hundreds of worlds. They reported his work was unplanned, rushed, and likely to fall victim to complete breakdown or contamination. The latter was the result, corrupted by the Threads of Damnation, Piranoths Steps eventually became better known as the Abyss, home of the demons.

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