Sil Vaarnufaaz Soul Tormenters

Soul Tormenter
Typeancient vampires
RegionAerie of Dragons
HeadquartersSpire of Neld-Rac
Alignmentschaotic evil
Symbolfive blood dripping teeth

By 1115, the guild Bralda-Balc was suffering from a leadership problem. All guild members were summoned to the Spire of Neld-Rac for an attitude adjustment and to hear important message on the group's direction. At this meeting, the five remaining leaders of Bralda-Balc revealed themselves as vampires. They had all been corrupted from delving into an ancient dark art that turns one into a Soul Eater. They closed up the Spire and slaughtered 84 guild members, turning many into vampire spawns. The former guild leaders, now vampire lords, become known as the Sil Vaarnufaaz, or Soul Tormentors.

The vampire lords of Sil Vaarnufaaz are true horrors to behold, passing on great strength and resilience to their vampire spawns. At any one time, there are five to ten vampire lords in the Spire. The Sil Vaarnufaaz cooperate with each other only when necessary, like when attacked by forces of some empire or other great threat. Usually though, they conspire against each other and work with other evil organizations when it may help them.

Most of the Sil Vaarnufaaz reside in and around the Spire of Neld-Rac.

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