Northern Hordelands


The Northern Hordelands is made up of plains broken by hills, lakes, clusters of mountains, towering plateaus and deep depressions. The weather of the region is unpredictable and often turbulent. These weather patterns are a result of the Primordial Storm. This perpetual storm near the heart of the region is also the cause for the numerous elementals that can be found in the region.

The wild and uncivilized peoples of the Northern Hordelands have bitterly resisted domination by their more advanced or more powerful neighbors. The Jara Hordes under their wicked khans have raided the lands, but failed to establish any lasting hold. The legions of the Orchish Empire have marched in and then been driven out after costly losses. The elves of the High Wood Country have attempted to extend their territorial buffer, only to see the barbarians of the Northern Hordelands raze the forests around them.

For thousands of years, this region north of the Lands of Purity was home to chaotic peoples. The barbarians of the land included the Theegans, gnolls, jara, and scattered bands of humanoids. The introduction of sig-lorms to the southeastern corner of the Northern Hordelands added some semblance of civilization. Unfortunately their nation was short-lived.

Late in the Second Epoch, a balance of power existed in the Northern Hordelands. The gnolls and Theegans fought bitterly but made little territorial gains, and the sig-lorm of Chariotearn expanded their intellectual and entertainment complexes. They also kept the hordes from pushing into the Lands of Purity. The status-quo ended with the fall of Chariotearn. The tribes began to raid the Lands of Purity and continued their depredations until the arrival of the Divine Empire.

The Divine Empire, supported by Nordern, conquered large tracts of land north of the Lands of Purity. In the Phoenix Rising, they pushed the Witch Hordes further north, and absorbed many Theegans into their empire.

These Theegans are a crude and barbaric people, but their assimilation into a lawful society will inevitably curb these tendencies in future generations.

- Crusader Lanunur, "records from Internment Camp 6"

The lands of the Northern Hordelands have hundreds of thousands of horses. It is said that the horse population outnumbers all the humanoids of the region. In times of war, the Theegans, with their superb riding skills, make them much sought after mercenaries.

The Underdark region beneath the Northern Hordelands is called Phangul.

Region Maps
Compared to the regions Lands of Purity, Hells Womb and Grashakh the Northern Hordelands is a lightly populated region. It has more city-sized ruins than cities.
Cities of the Hordelands
City 7FoundedElevation
Hezvix9026 GE5,000'
Kennel9112 GE900'
Incubus331 LE4,000'
Broken Teeth6121,200'