Khazarkar Leaders

NationKhazarkar Empire

Some of the former and present leaders of Khazarkar history are presented here. For most of their early years, leadership of the people was in the hands of noble houses, collectively called the Minâth-Nôrî. These houses are composed of an elitist caste of Khazarkar society called the Minâth.

When the Second Khazarkar Empire was formed, the clergy adopted a custom of entombing their former leaders in pyramids. The pyramids of the first nine theocratic leaders are sited in the capital city Nibar-Pharân. Some of the geographical places of Cinazan are named after these leaders.

Even with true death, the leaders get no rest. Sometimes, their wisdom is called upon to answer questions. Only the reigning Setarch is allowed to commune with these former rulers.

- Athilkamân, "Spirit of the Arch-Cabals"

Chronology of Leadership
KingNilkBelkazimMonarchy250 - 275first royal bloodlines
KingAgânAdrumul Monarchy275 - 346Adrumul-Belkazim War
KingTarânBelkazim Monarchy346 - 360start of the First Khazarkar Empire
OverlordSagayânKazanîrEmperor360 - 366
EmperorHîlûMalêth-ZandânDictatorship366 - 377
KingNithilKhirrêthMonarchy377 - 398
KingIzalêNirzanâthMonarchy398 - 411
KingMurâkPhenul-TamrâkMonarchy411 - 459
first to bear the Sceptre of Phenul-Tamrâk
Third Imrabêl War
Minotaur Cultural Edict
nonenonenoneanarchy459 - 460civil war
QueenAgadîUrkuzîrMonarchy460 - 474widow of Murâk Phenul-Tamrâk
QueenAtîrNillunâthMonarchy804 - 823
KingRaxDumu-locMonarchy819 - 823
EmperorRaxDumu-locDictatorship823 - 829
QueenLenassuDras'eeMonarchy974 - 993Khazarkar Purity Edict
Eldritch ConclavevariesMagocracy993 - 1027
stops Khazarkar Purity Edict
Eldritch Civil War
SetarchBazarAbattâdasTheocracy1027 - 1064
start of the Second Khazarkar Empire
reenacts Khazarkar Purity Edict
SetarchNalêRôzârukTheocracy1064 - 1110
SetarchGinalBenâthTheocracy1110 - 1137Bone Pounder
SetarchSînêKalamragânTheocracy1137 - 1156Char T'riss
SetarchSalbâthNiziganâthTheocracy1156 - 1207
SetarchRônalAvalninâthTheocracy1207 - 1287
SetarchIrânAkhôrrâmaTheocracy1287 - 1355
Eternal Life Proclaimation
SetarchImrukSapthiladânTheocracy1355 - 1495
Monotheism Proclaimation
SetarchMinunâthKalamragânTheocracy1495 - 1523
Dras'ee War
Second Ugradrath War
assassinated by Aphallanâth agents
SetarchHâlêAphallanâthTheocracy1523 - 1539
Third Ugradrath War
killed at the Battle of Borangrak Bridge
SetarchPhêriHama-UlmarTheocracy1726 -
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