Alignmentlawful neutral
Born9 Temporal 1667

Galathrel was born in the jungle Elphion. She made a living, like many of the sprites of the jungle's northern tracts, preying on the inhabitants of the EFS, stealing and causing mischief; hallmark of sprite-kind. She changed groups a lot, usually because of other's jealousy of her high intellect and other talents. After ten years of moving about, and having to dumb herself down around others, she headed north to the heart of Ba'lith civilization. For the next nine years, she ran a thieves guild operating along the roads and paths linking Merorarg and Maravapthân, and all the small holds in between.

In 1698, Galathrel was imprisoned in Ba'lith's capital for theft and harassment. Being a sprite, she was an interesting prisoner. This came to the attention of Emperor Raxcvillibus. He visited her and was impressed by her intelligence and memory of every detail of what she stole and those she encountered. Prisoner 656G's jail cell was a piece of art, using chalk she had sketched out her path through the capital city to this cell, capturing details of people she heard and envisioning what might have been around her. What is most remarkable, is that she was blindfolded the entire time. The emperor had her released, and then took her on as an advisor, but first he had to quell her chaotic tendencies. He used psychic surgery on her, cutting off the pathways to chaotic energy, something that sprites seem to have an abundance of. One of the things he couldn’t get out of her was the sprite’s natural tendency for causing mischief; most of the time harmless.

On 14 Brighstar 1703, the Minotaur Trade Federation was established. The idea behind this trade group's formation came from Galathrel's study of the Paradomea Consortium.

As Raxcvillibus's most trusted confidants, she functions as a scribe and data analyst. She make daily journals and detailed drawings of what she sees and hears. In the Ba'lith capital, she is served by dozens of scribes and record keepers.

Galathrel is 2' tall with a light purplish-black skin and straited eyes of light purple hues. Like most sprites, she prefers to be airborne over standing.

She is not fond of populated areas, preferring to remain in the Emperor's Citadel over wandering the city around it.

In the Cinazan Front, she was a crew member of the Pillar of Horns.