Alignmentlawful neutral

Armigûr, son of Khôni, grew up on Azrik's southern borders where it meets the Hive region. For as long as any minotaur can remember, this borderland has suffered bug attacks. Armigûr lost part of his right arm, his sword arm, fighting one of the bug types that come out of the Hive. It has some fancy bug scientist name, but the troops call them eviscerators. They come in many sizes, but the one that got him was cockroach-like pony-sized insect with a pair of mandibles that can cut through a one thick sheet of bronze.

The lower half of Armigûr’s arm is the same mandible that cut away part of his limb. When he awoke in a field hospital, he found a note attached to the tip of his mandible:

Ba’lith has been honored with your service

- signed Emperor Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc.

He wasn't sure what to think of the mandible grafted to his arm stump or if the note actually came from the emperor himself, or just some normal military signing. What he did know was that it was the end of his service in the infantry. With a sharp mandible as an arm, he tried to make it in pit fighting, but it was ruled that his attachment was not allowed in regular matches, only in those to the death. Armigûr gave up the idea of pit fighting, went to the capital in answer of a special call-up of those who wanted to go on a daring raid with none other than the emperor himself. This was a recruitment drive to crew the Pillar of Horns for its departure to the Cinazan Front.