Typemanufacturing process
Armor Bonus+5 divine bonus

Godforge is a forging process that requires a special forge. This forge has to have been made by the gods and been divinely blessed. These types of forges are not laying around in any cities, they are hidden in places that are extremely hard to reach or perhaps inaccessible to mortals.

During the Dawn Era and into the God Era, the gods and their allies waged wars against the primordials and then the demons. Bal-Kriav became a battlefield for these belligerents and the relics of that time are scattered across the realm. Some of the godforges found on Bal-Kriav were left behind when the gods gave up this world to the mortals. The two known across Midrêth are the Dališar Cauldron and the Maze furnace of Tas'dvr Mout.

Armor that is made at this forge acquires the Godforge property. This provides a +5 divine bonus to armor class, thus a Godforge High Alloy Blutium Battle Plate would provide a +5 divine bonus, +5 natural enchantment bonus for the High Alloy Blutium, and a +9 for being battle plate - a +19 AC value.

Godforged Items