Frosvirk Sarcophagus

Typeundead rejuvenation device
LocationPillar of Horns, others

For a long time, the city Frosvirk was the heart of necromancy research. One of things that were invented in this city is the Frosvirk Sarcophagus. These devices are made of kindlite, a stone that is really good at storing negative energy. Being that undead are healed by this type of energy, the Frosvirk Sarcophagus were built to repair them. They can heal undead by way of a bed of negative energy. This heals 20 hit points per day and will repair a limb in three days and an entire torso in six.

Frosvirk Sarcophagi are hard to make. This is because they have a lot of negative energy, which without protection, causes damage to those of life energy.

At the bottom of the stairs, two minotaur warriors salute him with clenched fists across their breastplates. One unlocks the door and steps back, followed by Rax inserting his key, which opens another locking mechanism. Inside the 15-foot-square chamber are stone walls covered with panels of ebony and rosewood. In the middle of room is an upright sarcophagus, an ancient vessel designed and enchanted to heal the undead. Rax takes off his ornate battle plate and racks it on a mannequin. Opening the sarcophagus's lid, he is met by a wave of negative energy. He backs into this blanket of energy, closing the lid in front of him. He focuses on relaxing his mind and letting the magical device do its work, murmuring long after his mind has drifted into sleep, "One soul, two souls, three souls, four souls, five souls … one hundred and ninety-eight souls."

- from the Godspawn Saga