Generals of Hell


Perhaps the greatest military training manual ever written is the Generals of Hell. This book was written while Raxcvillibus served out a solar's sentence that banished him to a random world of the Hells; every nine years. While Raxcvillibus was in this Soul Gathering System for lawful evil souls, most of the time he was serving under Asmodeus; one regarded as the greatest military mind of the ages - even Ares who was his teacher would attest to that. The Generals of Hells holds knowledge honed over thousands of years of war and dealing with Hells' devil leadership and knowledge imparted to Raxcvillibus from Asmodeus.

He recalls what Asmodeus had said of Chaos: "If you're not chaotic, working with them will either make you like them, drive you mad, or drive you away."

- from the Godspawn Saga

The original Generals of Hell is comprised of nine books. It has been copied many times and is part of the teaching for many military academies regardless of their feelings toward the Raxcvillibus and those he served in the Hells system.