Typederived from Primordial

Abyssal is spoken by the demons of the Abyss, the Gimrune, the Shi'gah, Maleraunts, the Sig-Lorm and others that have spent too much time with the demons.

The Gimrune were forced under servitude to adopt the Abyssal language and forget their Gnome language. Fomorians that are descendants of those that labored under Zuggtmoy in the Demon Spawn War also know Abyssal. Most trolls, except war trolls, also speak Abyssal.

Negral sees the old man lost in thought. He switches languages to his native Abyssal tongue, a sharp, forceful language. "You've been in deep thought a lot lately. If I'm noticing it, others may too."

- from the Godspawn Saga