Thuaxor Keozhal


Thuaxor Keozhal is Infernal for War Journals. They were written by Asmodeus while he served as sub-commander and then commander of Covenant forces in the Demon Spawn War. The tomes cover the history of this war and many stratagems employed in it as well as his own thoughts. The book makes many references to Ares. This is because Asmodeus served under him in both the Creation War and for part of the Demon Spawn War.

We will form defensive matrices, prosecuting the war on our terms. We will concentrate our strike forces and not spread them so thin as to meet the demons everywhere.

- Asmodeus, from Thuaxor Keozhal, V1-10 - "Force Concentration"

The above passage was part of Asmodeus's principles of combating an enemy that outnumbered the Covenant a thousand to one. With a coldness born of centuries of war, Asmodeus once said to Athena, "the demons are too many, some regions and some peoples will be left to the enemy. Not all can be saved." Athena accepted it, but did not like seeing so many left to the possibility of extinction.

On a account of Raxcvillibus, copies of the Thuaxor Keozhal have made their way to some of the realm's top libraries. While he served Apoxlins Sentence (1485 - 1683), he often served under Asmodeus and freely used his libraries. A few of the more interesting books he had copied and then when he returned to Bal-Kriav, they were copied again and sold to collectors of a few of MidrĂȘth's top libraries.