Hells Eleven Tours

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Apoxlin's Sentence (1485 - 1683) was a divine punishment against Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc. This sentence, which he was bound to without interruption, involved spend time on the worlds of the Hells System.

Rax's tours in the Hells are a mystery to most; nothing has been written about them on Bal-Kriav. The only persons that know anything about his time there are himself, Daojin, or someone from the Hells. The Hells system is up there in the stars, so far away that even voidships cannot reach them in any-thing's lifetime. The only people who can reach the faraway system are those who can open temporary rifts, a magic limited to only the most skilled wizards and priests. Most prefer not to deal with anything from the Hells, because if you do that sort of thing, you often end up giving away more than you gain.

Daojin has had long talks with Rax about the Hells, which sadly have happened fewer times than he would have liked over his two centuries of service. He looks under his right thigh, moving a plate of near-invisible runes aside. These plates, dozens of them about this body, are records of important conversations with his master. He finds the passage he was looking for: "The Hells is a regimented system, where the two most important things are rule by strong laws and a hierarchy of power mirroring a military command structure. To keep their positions or move up the hierarchy, the devils use whatever means their wicked minds can devise."

He pushes the plate aside, then another, finding another on the topic. "The Archdevils have egos that are nearly boundless, so much so that they make an active effort to dispel the hero myth. For several tours, I had the title Kurgax, making me a champion of Hell's supreme leader Asmodeus, and a bit of a hero. They let me have this title because they knew I was only there because of Apoxlin's Sentence, and would be gone and forgotten in a few years."

Daojin shifts to another tablet. "Gone for nine-year stretches, history as it is written in the Hells has a way of changing. Events transform, and some disappear altogether. The general thesis was that talk of heroes makes it harder for the Hells' masters to be recognized for their greatness." He sees a darkened piece of writing, one grayer than the others, Daojin does this for something he doesn't particularly like, reading what Rax had told him: "When there's a change of leadership, or simply to re-write things in their favor, all the old history books are collected and burned. They can do this because the archfiends have a record of every book and who owns it. It's a serious offense to have a history book come up missing; the result is usually decades of torture, and then a permanent death like the ones doled out by Grarg."

- from the Godspawn Saga

Hells Fourth Tour

The captain lets his faithful companion finish suiting him up. He thinks back to his fourth tour in the Hells. It was 236 years ago; that time he found himself battling the fallen angel Siomorta, daughter of the god Chronos. His battle with her lasted five years; some would call this a war, yet it was the same battle playing out, over and over again, a conflict caught in a time loop. This manipulation of time was a magical blood power, a product of Siomorta's as a daughter of a God of Time. At that time, he was again serving under Asmodeus. He had the title Kurgax, which meant he was a champion of alien origin. He led three diabolic armies against Siomorta's great fortress, a place she called 'When the Time is Right', but since this was too confusing for normal conversation, he called Ferrimora.

Ferrimora was a strange, mesmerizing place to look upon. A casual glance would see it different each time. It could be the most primitive of things, walls of stacked rocks; then another glance might see walls and towers of iron, crystal, or sand, and then there were ones where the fortifications were of designs that would be more suited under water or in the sky. He remembers one of his advisors, one whom Ferrimora was named after, peeking over an earthen parapet, mesmerized by what she was seeing, saying to Rax, "These are places of the past, and perhaps the future." It was the last thing she ever said, a ballista bolt taking her head clean off her shoulders moments later. After a time, he gave up on recording the battles. Each time, when victory was assured, Siomorta reversed time, starting the battle all over again. The belligerents fought each other hundreds of times. Only when his infiltrators figured out how to enter her palace did the battle play out one last time … When the time was right.

The captain clears his head, finishes buckling up the dirty boot, and stands, eyeing Siomorta's Timepiece. It's the only thing he got for winning the battle and personally separating Siomorta's head from her body. This single piece of battle loot was punishment for wasting so much time fighting the same battle over and over. His dark master scolded, "Next time, focus on the high-value targets, and let the ground stompers handle their kind. You're a Kurgax; act like one." Asmodeus's point being that we should have gone for Siomorta much earlier, instead of waiting five years to sneak into her palace like honorless assassins.

Grarg, unscabbarded at his side, telepathically tells him with confidence, "No, it was punishment for killing someone he once loved, but ordered you to kill. I've read these thoughts just as many times as you've thought them, and from these old memories and others, it seems that Asmodeus and Siomorta might have once been in love."

- from the Godspawn Saga

Hells Sixth Tour

On Hells Sixth Tour, the sixth time he went to the Hells system to serve out Apoxlin’s Sentence, he was part of sea invasion against the devil empire Magax-Taroth. This was a vassal state answering to Asmodeus. It had been slow on paying the required tribute, so Rax was sent out to collect. Rax was captured attacking the enemy’s main island. Made a prisoner, he was told that Magax-Taroth tradition is that a captain must go down with his ship. Rax respond, “I’m a damn general, not sailor? His executioner responded, “Don’t mince words" Rax thought, Not again. No fair trial with the angels, no fair trial with the devils. So much for them being the embodiments of Law. He was chained to a canoe made of ebony, taken out to sea, and tossed overboard. Three months later, Asmodeus sent out a bigger force to complete the job. After the victory, interrogation revealed the location of Asmodeus’s favorite general. Covered in barnacles, they pulled Rax out of the sea.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Hells Eighth Tour

On Hell's Eighth Tour, Rax spent a month trudging along the bottom of some lost lake. On its southern end, three hundred feet under water, he found what he was looking for. It was an area of dark yellow liquid that hugged the lake's bottom. This liquid was the entrance to an intra-system rift between Asmodeus's world Nessus, and the world he was on, Stygia. He remembers looking back before he went through this rift, disgusted at the petty tasks he'd had to do for a local satrap who claimed to answer to no one. The fiend said he knew where a rift to Nessus was located, but first, Rax had to handle some deadbeats who owed him some money. Once the money was collected, he would tell Rax where the rift could be found. Just before he went through, he looked down at the weighted sack at my side, inside of which was the satrap's severed head, one removed for telling Rax the rift was on the north end of the lake.

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