Typepsionic lore
Practitionerspsionicists, mentalists, Way of the Mind, Mind's Way, Path of Thought

Those that use psionics are normally called psionicists or mentalists, while some may refer to them as followers of the Way of the Mind, Mind's Way, or Path of Thought. The use of psionics is similar to mages casting an arcane spell, with the latter using arcane energy drawn from the Web of Magic to power their spells, while psionicists using their mind's psychic energy to draw upon the Web's arcane energy to energize their powers. Some say that the Way of the Mind is the hard path, for it requires both psychic energy and arcane energy to manifest their powers. The other side of the debate will tell you that the Way of the Arcanists is harder because you have to find the necessary material components to cast certain spells, often making some spells unusable because you cannot find/afford the necessary ingredients.

Psionicists have been around for a long time, though never as populous as mages. A pick up happened in the First Epoch, when Tragarans of Marninnoth, the same ones that would form the Borillisk Empire, explored ruins just south of Rônnahar. In this place they uncovered crystal obloids, devices containing the sentience of Auhtai that sought to prolong their minds for eternity. It is said rather than succumbing to the region's hive swarms, they transferred their minds and souls into crystals, the Auhtai Obloids. A few Tragarans used these crystals to open their minds, allowing them to do things similar to magic, giving rise to the study of psionics in Borillisk and spreading outward to the peoples around them.