RaceMaleraunt Pyrmidian Ghoul
Alignmentlawful neutral
Born9 Brightstar 1437
Undead21 Hollow 1452

In 1452, at the age of 15, Negral was captured by Pyramidian Bodysnatchers of the Pyramid of Conflict. These were Pyrmidian Ghouls tasked with replenishing their ranks. After taken inside, he joined the restocking of the Pyramid's garrison, transformed into a Pyrmidian Ghoul, something half undead and half Maleraunt.

In 1462, the Pyramid of Conflict was recaptured by Pyrmidian Ghouls under the leadership of Raxcvillibus. Loyal to the one that just returned their home, they joined his assault on Orias Vual. After the city was taken, most of the Pyrmidian Ghouls returned to their Pyramid of Power. Raxcvillibus offered to take Negral with him. Strange as it seems, Raxcvillibus had empathy for Negral, believing that he had been turned into a ghoul at too early of age, forever keeping his manners as a human teenager. Negral accepted Rax's offer. After a few decades together, the two became like father and son. Negral is one of the few people that can get away with joking around with his dad in a military environment, or when Rax is acting as Emperor of Ba'lith.

In the Cinazan Front, he was a crew member of the Pillar of Horns. On the voyage to this war zone, the Pillar stopped in Paradomea City. Since he is the son of an emperor, he was allowed to purchase a Doom Solider with the designation Unit AT-26. He calls this personal guard of his, Atlas.

On the Pillar, Negral is the ship's Head of Surveillance. His efforts on keeping the ship secure from invisible or magically concealed attackers is helped by four "Kreighton" brainuses.

Negral has been described as having a dessicated ebon trunk and dagger-like purple teeth.

Negral wishes he could completely smell the food's richness. As a Pyrmidian Ghoul Maleraunt, he's part undead, or what some might call a hybrid, with an equal amount of life energy and negative energy. As a result of this negative energy, some of his senses are impaired. On conversion to undeath, some lose one of their senses or have one or more dampened, and in rare cases, might find one of them heightened. Negral lost part of his sense of smell, so rich, sweet odors are dampened for him. He knows degrees of sweetness, but his sense of smell is not as fine-tuned as that a living maleraunt possesses.

- from the Godspawn Saga