Typebattle plate
ForgeTas'dvr Mout Foundry
Locationworn by Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc

Adarmînal is a suit of +6 godforged bonebrack battle plate (+20 armor bonus). One of the ingredients that went into making this armor is the blood of Coeus; killed in 1695 by Raxcvillibus.

The armor is constructed of demon bones, a fossilized bone called Bonebrack. These bones were a gift to Rax from Asmodeus; said to been taken from the body of a powerful demon lord that Asmodeus personally decapitated.

Specially designed for a psionic wearer, the armor produces a psionic field that reduces the psionic penalties for wearing heavy armor.

The armor was named Adarmînal in honor of Rax's father of Adarmînal Dumu-loc.

ArchDevils Haste hasted and triple movement for 1 turn 3/day
Demon Bones constructed of bonebrackcontinuous
Devils Swiftness +15 speed continuous
God Forged created from a Godforge giving +5 divine bonus to ACcontinuous
Manifester as Manifester special abilitycontinuous
Psionic Grace any penalties for wearing armor while using psionics are reduced by 50% continuous
Time Buttress as Time Buttress special abilitycontinuous