Typebattle plate
ForgeTas'dvr Mout Foundry
Locationworn by Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc

Adarmînal is a suit of +6 godforged bonebrack battle plate (+20 armor bonus). The enchantment of this item is so high because it was made with the blood of the god Coeus. This being, once the patron deity of Ba'lith minotaurs, was killed in 1695 by Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc.

The armor is constructed of demon bones. This is a fossilized bone called bonebrack. They were a gift to Rax from his master Asmodeus; said to been taken from the body of a powerful demon lord that Asmodeus personally decapitated.

The armor was specially designed for a psionic wearer, such that it initiates a psionic field when worn that reduces the psionic penalties for wearing heavy armor.

The armor was named Adarmînal in honor of Rax's father of Adarmînal Dumu-loc.

Arch-Devil Haste hasted and triple movement for 1 turn 3/day
Demon Bones constructed of bonebrackcontinuous
Devil Swiftness +15 speed continuous
God Forged created from a Godforge giving +5 divine bonus to ACcontinuous
Manifester as Manifester special abilitycontinuous
Psionic Grace any penalties for wearing armor while using psionics are reduced by 50% continuous
Time Buttress as Time Buttress special abilitycontinuous