Zan Urk Abrudax

Crawling Head
AliasesAbrudax, Gianthead Crags

Zan Urk is a low mountain range of southeastern Ma'Ohari. The rocky hills and mountainous crags hold numerous caves and smoking fissures. Some of these caves lead to the Underdark. A few more secretive heavily guarded passages lead into subterranean bastions guarding the subsurface approaches to Tas'dvr Mout.

The streams running down from the caves and slopes carry discolored, chemical laden waters, producing a foul sulphuric odor. These tainted waters drain into the similarly noxious waters of lake Urkell.

The area has had many names, the people of Smizerak called these mountains Zan Urk, which is Dwarven for Red Enemy. They named it thus because of the area's vampires. Long before the Smizerak came to Tha'lith, the demons of Varelay called it Abrudax. This was the name of one of the more cunning and double-dealing members of Emperor Aperoq's harem.

Zan Urk goes by another name, with the locals nicknaming it the Gianthead Crags. It is a name for undead abominations called crawling heads. These necromantic horrors were created when Raxcvillibus, master of Tas'dver Mout, put down a hill giant rebellion. As an example to the others, a tribe of them was turned over to his death priests. In the same way he had death giants made from captured fire giants, Rax's minions made good use of Varelay's labs at Drachlaz, creating dozens of crawling heads that now roam the slopes.

Zan Urk falls within the Blood Triangle; an area of vampire menace. The treants of Einglach tell legends of a curse or corruption that befell a group of archons that thousands of years ago were based in this area. They call this group the Forsaken Six. Ever since that time, vampires of Drachlaz and Zan Urk have at times been a nuisance and occasionally a major force of destabilization (c.f. Smizerak).

One of the most well-known resources to come out of this area is Blood Marble. This stuff is blood red with black striations, so this and the area's vampire history, led to its unusual name.

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