Maze Furnace

LocationTas'dvr Mout Foundry

The Maze Furnace, a Godforge, is the central forge of the Tas'dvr Mout Foundry.

This magical forge was captured by Raxcvillibus on his third tour to the Hells system (1521 - 1530). At the time he was serving under Asmodeus. Together, they warred with the abyssal lord Baphomet. In the Battle of Kurdire, Rax's army of devils captured the enemy's castle and looted the Maze Furnance. This consisted of things like an anvil, slack tub, bellows, hammers, fullers, chisels, and an oven. All of this stuff was hauled back to Nessus and turned over to Asmodeus. When Apoxlins Sentence (1485 - 1683) ended, Asmodeus found a way to get it to Tas'dvr Mout. It was a gift for Raxcvillibus's loyal services over a period of nearly two centuries.

The Maze Furnace runs extremely hot. Inside the furnace is an imprisoned primordial of fire named Inferno. Baphomet captured this creature during the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE). The idea for calling it a maze is because all device's tubes and chambers. They form a maze within that has no exit. The forge’s heat is generated by changing up the maze by pulling levers. This enrages the trapped primordial, causing him to give off a lot of heat. After a while, this will get the forge hot enough to melt blutium in a quarter of the time required by a normal forge.

"I looted that on my third tour in the Hells. We found it in one of Baphomet’s holds, carted it home to Nessus on the back of a demon that was the size of a mammoth. A real dumb brute, eager to help anyone if you fed him. He ended up being too costly to maintain, so Asmodeus had him put down."

With an usual spate of sadness for an undead, the patient then said, "He should have been sent back if they didn’t want him."

- Raxcvillibus to Fathrorn, from Fathrorn's Collections - "Strange Emotions"

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