Divine Energy

SourceHigher Powers

Divine energy comes from the Higher Powers. When priests pray to their god(s) for spells, it comes to them as divine energy. Like a mage's use of arcane energy to power their spells, priest spells are powered by divine energy.

When a Higher Power is slain, all those that worshiped him or her, lose their source of divine energy. This lasts until they find another god to worship. One of the more recent times that something like this happened was in 1695. In this year, the usurper Raxcvillibus traveled to Coeus's home world and slew him.

Energy Composition
AbilityRequired AmountExamples
Divine Health15%all paladins
Tier 116%if schooled in divine magic, can cast 1st and 2nd level divine spells
Tier 218%if schooled in divine magic, can cast 3rd and 4th level divine spells
Tier 320%if schooled in divine magic, can cast 5th and 6th level divine spells
Tier 422%if schooled in divine magic, can cast 7th and 8th level divine spells

Divine Health

For paladins, divine health makes one immune to natural and magical diseases.