Created22 Bliss 8301 DE

Moltaria is a crystalline subterranean area under the bed of the Core Sea. It covers a wide area, half the size of the sea above it. The crystal of this area is super hard, equal to quartz. It is considered by most to be costly to mine, too difficult to cut, and flashes of brilliant light with each pick swing. Considered ugly by many, a pale pink, it is of poor ornamental value. The most useful part of the area are its Moltarion Crystals.

Moltaria is largely solid. It can only be crossed by certain magic, or by those able to movement through solid stone. Long an obstacle to subterranean development, some have bored into the area with minor success. Those that have went deep say they always end up running into the territory of some Earthen. Further advance requires a stiff toll, an easement, or suffer being embarrassed or driven off by the area's owners.

Moltaria has not always been on the world of Bal-Kriav. In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), the Covenant ally Geb brought this mass of rock to where it is today. Even for likes of Geb, it was no small feat. With the help of dozens of others, all highly skilled in rifts and the arcane arts, part of the world Granitoid was shifted to Bal-Kriav. The mass that was previously there was shifted in reverse. All of this was done to thwart the machinations of Juiblex, a demon lord bent on weakening the surrounding rock, undermining the sea above. Jubliex's end goal was to drain the Core Sea, flooding the subterranean passages all the way into Pulax, then the stomping grounds of his foe Zuggtmoy.

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