Harongrand - Morteban
RegionTribe Steppes

Harongrand is a massive plateau looming 9000' over the Tamoroc Steppe. With walls both steep and rugged, Harongrand was settled in the God Era. The settlers were stone giants, remnants of an earthen army that had once served Geb. When Geb fled into the subterranean realm, pursued by those determined to send him back to Chaos, or imprison him, his armies were ordered to break-up and scatter across the world. Those that came to Harongrand built a number of settlements, the largest being Jofgried. As this place grew, a slave force of earth giants and Tungesti built a road from Jofgried to the lowlands below. With Jofgried long a ruin, the Throld Vari, so well-built, is still a road in remarkable good condition.

In the Horgon Era, the stone giants of Harongrand battled those of the Gadstill Dynasty (275 HE - 1533 HE). Determined to take the Tribe Steppes under their dominion, the Gadstill Dynasty fought costly wars with the people of Harongrand, and those of the sister plateau of Onvargard.

Notable Areas