Divine Domain

With Divine Power, comes Divine Domains. The general rule is that the greater the power, the more domains.

- Arcana, from a rune stone inside Achamâz - "Divine Domains"

Typedivine lore

Divine Domain is the primary area of influence for a Higher Power. It corresponds to the domains that priests can acquire if they worship a particular god. It is also an aspect of areas, worlds, and systems. It gives a boon for those in these areas, like a tendency for tyrannical rule on Avalas and order on Mechanus.

Higher Powers acquire more domains as they ascend the Matrix of Divine Power. The number they get is a starting number, because gods, fiends and anything considered a Higher Power can acquire domains by utterly defeating another higher power or primordial lord and taking one of their domains or in the case of primordial lords, their energy and convert it into a domain. This tactic of taking a domain by killing another is more commonly done by evil and neutral beings. A goodly higher power would not imitate a conflict on the pretext of acquiring a domain by totaling eliminating another. Ares was the first god to crush another upstart deity and take one of his domains, along with the other god's entire worshipper base.

Matrix of Domains
DomainHigh Power SourceAreas
AirBahamut, Poseidon, Tempestant
AnimalAredhel, Semuanya, Silvanus
ArtificeNeld-Rac, 3-IGears Infitine, Machinum
CavernGeb, Tarâk
CelerityArastel, Huemutril, Ptah
ChaosBaphomet, Corellon, Demogorgon, Krak-Oth, Lolth, Neld-Rac, Rioch Tetrax
CharmKezgihr, Lokestant
ColdBahamut, Poseidon, Kebechet, Thyrm
CompetitionAres, Atlas, Naraz-Nâru
CorruptionDemogorgon, Aperoq
CourageAtlas, Giracian, Naraz-Nâru, Zhusalax
CraftGeb, Danzar-Khâl, Tarâk
CreationGeb, Danzar-Khâl
DarknessAbbathor, Graz'zt, Hades, Lolth, Set
DeathHades, Kebechet
DeathlessOrcus, Thasmudyan
DecayRioch Tetrax
DemonicDemogorgon, Graz'zt
DiabolicAsmodeus, Baalzebul
DestructionBlibdoolpoolp, Krak-Oth, Surtur, TalosGehenna
DominationGruumsh, Ilsensine, Mokerrian, Orcus, Pivix, Set, Tiamat
DragonBahamut, Tiamat
EarthAbbathor, Geb, Danzar-Khâl, Segojan, Tarâk
EvilBlibdoolpoolp, Gruumsh, Kurtulmak, Lolth, Set
FireKossuth, Surtur
GloryAres, Phalgas
GoodAthena, Bahamut, Corellon, Danzar-Khâl, Giracian, Sathel
GreedMammon, Surtur, Tiamat
HealingPhalgas, Sathel, Semuanya
HungerKezgihr, Mokerrian, The Glutton
IllusionArastel, Lukoon, Sehanine
KnowledgeArcana, Sathel
LawAsmodeus, Athena, Naraz-Nâru, Atlas, Danzar-Khâl, Primus, Set
LiberationCorellon, Giracian
LifeHuemutril, Sehanine
LuckKurtulmak, Lukoon
MadnessBlibdoolpoolp, Neld-Rac
MagicCorellon, Arcana, Sehanine, Set
MentalismIlsensine, Ptah
MindLukoon, Ptah
NatureHuemutril, Melrith, Segojan, Silvanus
OceanMelora, Poseidon, Sathel, Zhusalax
OracleHades, Arcana
PassionSehanine, The Concubine
PestilenceRioch Tetrax
PlanningAsmodeus, GiracianRegulus
PlantAredhel, Semuanya, Zuggtmoy
ProtectionAthena, Bahamut, Geb, Semuanya
PurificationPhalgas, Surtur
SpellArcana, Sehanine
StrengthNaraz-Nâru, Gruumsh, Atlas, Surtur, ThjoryggAcheron
StormTalos, Thjorygg
TimeChronos, Phalgas
TradeAvandra, Primus
TravelAvandra, Primus, PtahAstral Sea
TrickeryAbbathor, Kurtulmak, Lukoon
TyrannyGruumsh, Orcus, TiamatAvalas
WarAres, Athena, Naraz-Nâru, Gruumsh, Krak-OthAcheron
WaterLokestant, Poseidon, Sathel, Tempestant
WeatherPoseidon, Tempestant
WinterKebechet, Thyrm