Gods Folley

RegionTroll Bogs

The placement of this rocky highland is the work of the primordial Geb. Under Covenant oversight, Geb opened a rift to another area of Bal-Kriav, shifting a piece of land from one area of the world to another. This was done in the hopes of stopping the Radullu Creep. This monumental feat was requested by Silvanus. Once enemies in the Creation War, now uneasy allies in the Demon Spawn War, Geb and Silvanus worked together to halt the damage caused by the Radullu Rift. Their doings went against the advisement of some of Silvanus's Covenant peers. One of these was Danzar-Khâl who warned Silvanus:

Geb is a primordial, he has the taint of Chaos in him. Whatever he manifests, will probably not come out the way you want.

- Danzar-Khâl, to Silvanus at the Highland Shift Inquiry - "Primordial are Chaos"

After the landmass was shifted to this area, Danzar-Khâl's words rang true, because instead of being latitudinal highland that would act as a natural dam, it was the opposite. A great plateau of spires and broken peaks formed running north to south. The positioning of it is thought to have hastened the formation of the great swamp Sinarag.