Deepest Deep

Inner Realm

Deep within the bowels of Bal-Kriav is the great keep of Geb, a place called Deepest Deep. Surrounding this colossal fortress are endless passages and caverns. In these places, Geb keeps fit with daily exercises, some of which result in the Snores of Geb or the more hazardous Exercises of Geb.

Geb and his minions also watch for the machinations of Surtur. Surtur, controlling the lava that courses through Bal-Kriav is always seeking a way to turn the t into a lake of fire.

In their prayers to Geb, the highest priests have heard the god speak of the Inner Realm, a wondrous place at the heart of Bal-Kriav. Within Deepest Deep, are said to be rifts to this strange realm, guarded by the most powerful of earth elementals , stone dragons, and golems more massive than any mortal has set eyes upon. Many speculate of this talk as nothing more than the babbling of old priests, seeking to glorify the might of Geb.