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Quake is a warhammer composed entirely of deep rock. It is a +5 weapon, but when near concentrations of deep rock it temporarily becomes a +7 weapon and gains a Smite ability that matches the wielder's alignment. It was made by Geb, and given to the rebel leader Borri Slarek. In the Demon Spawn War, this earth giant used it to battle the demon forces of Zuggtmoy and free others like him that had been mutated from exposure to deep rocks (turning them into fomorians).

The weapon has intricate carvings in its surface depicting earth elementals and other Earthen. The head of the war hammer is shaped like an octagon and carved with a massive fist.

Quake is a +5 returning, distance, slime bane, thundering warhammer.

Come Back as Returning special abilitycontinuous
Can't Escape as Distance special ability but quadruple range incrementcontinuous
Slime Bane causes an additional 1-12 hit points of damage to slimes, oozes, and puddings and on a critical they must make a Fortitude DC25 save or be disintegrated, weapon immune to corrosion and acid effects of slimes and oozescontinuous
Geb's Snore as Thundering special abilitycontinuous
Earthen Great Impact when thrown, an unmodified roll of 19 or 20 scores an additional 4-40hps of damage to the target and produces a clap of thunder in a 50' radius, all in this area must make a Fortitude DC20 be stunned for 1-4 melee rounds and deafened for 2-8continuous
Find Raw Materials when concentrated upon, detects precious metals, ores, gemstones - kind and number in a 20' radiuscontinuous
Make Road as Passwall spell1/day
Geb's Stomp as Earthquake spell1/day