Arcanas Window

Typescrying device
LocationArcana, Drachmon, Geb, others

Created in the Dawn Era, these magic devices are used for long-range communication across the universe. These devices were very important in the Creation War, serving as the primary means of keeping in touch with Covenant forces spread across distant systems.

An Arcanas Window is powered by the user's mental energy. There is a risk with each use that they become feeble-minded (Will DC17). Ornate, in various shapes and sizes, the one in the possession of Geb is said to have a pinkish crystal frame encasing a hexagon shaped mirror.

Shielded prevents magic from passing through the mirrorcontinuous
Intersystem Communication open a visual and auditory channel with another Arcanas Window; the person contacted must be know. This is mentally taxing, both in charging up the mirror and continuing to keep the channel opencontinuous