Jurusalax and his rune hounds

Logor is a primeval woodland along the northern coasts of Zythess. The predominate trees of this forest are black oaks. This wood has been harvested by the locals for thousands of years for its long-life and great strength. When the Gimrune established their first coastal settlement in the area, black oak became the only wood they would use to build ships. The druids of the area commonly make hand-crafted cudgels and even hammers out of a good piece of black oak. They claim they are just as effective as any similar implement made of iron.

In the God Era, Logor held a rift linking Bal-Kriav with its shadow world Kriav. This rift opened inside of Logor's largest black oak. This black oak is considered the father of all the black oaks of the realm, and all those that are Black Oak Treants.

Silvanus planted the seed that would became the tree Núlananya sometime in the God Era. Unknown to him, the area where he planted it happened to be the grave of a primordial beast taken out very early in the Creation War. As the tree grew from the chaos infused soil, the essence of the dead primordial in some way corrupted the roots of it. This corruption led to a weakening in the Web of Magic that expanded to roughly fill a 10' sphere. Núlananya became a towering specimen through a healthy dose of plant growth spells from Silvanus and his fey attendants. Silvanus infused it with life energy from a Spark of Creation, turning what was just a overgrown black oak into a colossal treant. This was not an unusual happening, because in the Dawn and God Eras, Silvanus did such things across many other worlds of the realm. It was part of a intelligence gathering network, the Roots of Núlananya.

When he gave them a spark of life, he created a link between him and each of the treants. By way of these links he could use clarsentient powers through them and teleport to any one of them. These treants gave him intelligence on the machinations of the primordials in the Creation War and later the demons in the Demon Spawn War. As a result of these treant spy-links and other fey involved in clandestine activities, his intelligence apparatus was only exceeded by that of Lukoon.

- Aredhel, from her book - "Father Nature"

In the Demon Spawn War, the world Kriav was like this world in that the demons sought to take the virgin lands for themselves and slaughter first the angels and their minions and then take out any demon opposition on their path of conquest. The rift that opened inside the tree Núlananya was opened by accident when demons on the world Kriav were attempting to use old primordial relics for nullifying magic. Like most of the things left behind by the primordials, these devices were booby trapped. When one of these devices was used it exploded - disintegrating all those around it and leaving null magic field. This area of dead magic ripped a hole in Kriav's Web of Magic and caused the collapse of the warp matter inside the treant Núlananya. It is thought that because Núlananya was contaminated (from growing in a primordial grave) and had a weakened Web, it served as the best vector or focal for the rift's opening. Minions of the demon lord Jurusalax, mostly of the bestial type like rune hounds and bar-lgura, swept across the rift starting the Zythess War.

In 9116 GE, one hundred and thirty some years after its opening, Silvanus closed the Núlananya Rift by snuffing out the tree's life force. The roots of Núlananya went deep so when Silvanus closed the rift, some of them split or broke away from the root mass. These roots have evolved since then into vines that grow across all of Logor. The Gimrune were the first to use the Vines of Núlananya to fashion armor, baskets, and even houses.

After the closing of the Núlananya Rift, Silvanus hunted Jurusalax. The first thing he did was separate him from his packs of demon hounds. Once apart, he and Silvanus battled. Jurusalax blew on his horn many times in the fight, hoping that his most deadly weapon, his hounds, would come to his aid. Unfortunately for him, his hounds were lured into chasing Silvanus's sprites and driven to frenzy from the flying fey's euphoric aroma. Jurusalax was slain by Silvanus and most of his hounds and other minions put down, yet some of Jurusalax's rune hound pups survived. Those that lurk in Logor are descendants of Jurusalax's demon hounds.

The rune hounds of Logor are just one of the area's dangers. Some of the Vines of Núlananya are corrupted, probably suffering some chaos taint from the Creation War or the Demon Spawn War. This corruption had made them carnivorous and a very dangerous predator of the forest. Another dangerous area of Logor is along its northern rocky coasts. In this area are the nests of hundreds of harpies. They live in intricate tree houses, in hollowed out trunks of Logor's black oaks or in cliff caves. The harpies of Logor were once sprites that served under Silvanus in his campaign to drive back the demons. Jurusalax gave orders to capture these sprite rather than slaughter them. When they were captured and brought in for "special treatment", Jurusalax had them infused them with his own blood while at the same time taking their blood into himself. Only five sprites out of possibly a hundred survived these demoniac blood transfusions. One legend says that the blood that Jurusalax took from the sprites was like an aphrodisiac to him. The sprites that survived being infused with demon blood were corrupted, changing into an abomination of their former selves. These corrupted and changed sprites became the realm's first harpies.

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