Follower Boons

Typearcane lore, divine lore

Follower Boons are divine blessing granted to the followers of a particular deity. They are said to be correlated to the Divine Power of the deity, yet this assertion is disputed among theologians. The quality and quantity of follower boons between a cult power and a greater power are sometimes equal. Theologians of chaotic leanings will tell you that this is a product of renegade primordials living amongst the infinite expanse of Chaos, while those of neutrality or followers of The Balance may tell you that this is the natural order of keeping things equal regardless of a deity's influence.

A creature can only have boons from one Higher Power at a time. The follower, or worshipper, must practice the religious rights to the deity at least once a month to keep the boons. This worship does not have to be serious, yet prolonged benefit of the boon without serious worship is considered heresy by most religions.

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