Fimble'yaul is wide vale flanked by glacier walls towering a half a mile in places. It is an unnatural area like the rest of Igas, a verdant vale, dotted with great alien trees. The trees that took root here, seeded from across the Indraph Rift, are truly unique to Bal-Kriav, yet on some icy worlds like Fimblewinter, they split the landscape as great bands. The origin of these trees goes back to the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE) with Silvanus, then a Creationist, giving them deep roots and a hardness that cuts through a passing glacier like the bow of a ship. They were meant to create habitual zones for Covenant armies advancing in inhospitable lands. The Nature Protectorates consider the trees and other alien vegetation of this valley invasive.

They are capable of reducing the ice around them, creating vales of greenery flanked by glacial cliffs. You would think this a beautiful sight, but getting closer you will see that that Fimble'yaul and Sor'sirdir are great holding pens, where the conquered natives now live, providing for the icy hordes of Artaxertus, feeding the never-ending Thrones War (751 - present).

- Sakazrân, of the Nature Protectorates - "Invasive Terraformers"