Dališar, fallen angel turned primordial dreadnought
Fallen Angel
Alignmentchaotic neutral

Dališar is a twin-shaped pseudo volcano. The volcano-like peaks emit clouds of blue-white smoke, interlaced with jets of fire and sometimes lava bursts. When erupting, these twin volcanoes spew blue-white lava, electrically charged clouds of smoke, and debris that impacts with sonic blasts. These anomalies come from the fact that the volcanoes are in fact part of an imprisoned primordial. This unimaginably large creature was one of the largest primordials of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE).

Dališar, a Fallen Angel was the first to come out of Piranoth Cyst. Polluted by entropy, she was a primordial terror, a true engine of war, capable of levelling the country-side. She had twin peaks atop spider legs - all of stone, and towering over the tallest of hills. Her belly belched fire and brimstone, like the tops of volcanoes, yet inverted.

Dališar tore through our ranks and destroyed four castles, ten towers, and martyred 8,163 troops. I devised a plan, with the help of the other Golden Seven, which lured the primordial dreadnought to an area north of Irrai. We used a web concordance gravity reversal spell which flipped the beast into the air. It soared a mile into the sky and then plunged earthward. Silvanus then turned the plain below it into deep mud. Dališar sunk into the muck and it was then solidified by the druid. We then bound Dališar into the Web of Magic. In this realm of arcane, the weave spiders were then set to work to remove the viler thinking parts of Dališar. We then worked for almost a year on turning Dališar into a mindless weapon for destroying the primordial armies. His belly of fire was blocked, so we cut off the tops of his humps and turned them into chimneys.

- Ares, then member of the Golden Seven, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Rooted Dališar"

Only the former members of the Golden Seven and a few other gods know how to operate Dališar as a weapon. Of course, these beings will not part this knowledge to mortals.

There is a great forge inside Dališar. Here, Naraz-Nâru forged three great artifacts, collectively known as the Sig Mak Gan.

Notable Areas