Forsaken Six

Zephyr Talon Threat Marker
TypeGod Era lore

In the God Era, celestials and mortals battled a great demon invasion spanning the Quara'tun System. These armies of the Abyss, serving Demon Lords, were bent on carving out portions of the mortal realm for themselves. One of the worlds that was under the cross-hairs of this Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) was Bal-Kriav. In this world's Ma'Ohari Region, the Covenant General Silvanus faced the demon lord Graz'zt.

One of the units under Silvanus was Zephyr Talon. This unit was tasked with scouting and picking off stragglers. The elder treants of Einglach tell legends of a curse that befell some of the unit's members, the Forsaken Six. Varying story lines, they are often portrayed as neutrals corrupted by an either or situation, do this or die. Changing tactics to meet a grim reality, where attrition always favored the demons, the unit under the command of Kezgihr took to performing battle rituals and making potions from the blood and gore of their enemies. These and other unsavory deeds had their intended effect on the enemy, giving Zephyr Talon a fear status like no other unit in the region.

You are taking a journey down a well-worn path that will soon split, one will be a steep arduous climb that doubles back, the other is twists and turns, going down, easy to travel for even the lame, this one leads to oblivion.

- Silvanus, from a letter to Kezgihr - "Path of Hope and Oblivion"

This warning caused many Zephyr Talons to give up their rituals, but not so the Forsaken Six. This lot of celestials continued, with things getting much worse with rites involving the consumption of the enemy's blood. Giving the drinker the ability to glean information from the dead, the Sight of the Dead Walker helped carry out over a hundred successful assassinations.

When a rumor got around that Silvanus was coming to inspect the unit, mind-clouded and tainted, Kezgihr got paranoid, murdering one of his fellow soldiers. Using the Sight of the Dead Walker, he sadly learned the rumor was false. Fleeing Zephyr Talon, he was eventually found by Silvanus. Given a choice, live by drinking blood, or seek redemption by dying and letting Hades decide his fate, Kezgihr decided to live.

There was a side effect to the curse bestowed upon Kezgihr. It interacted with the magic of the Sight of the Dead Walker, leading to bouts of uncontrolled blood cravings. When he started preying on his former unit, incapacitating victims and taking small non-life threatening sips, they resolved to put him down. Tracked down and slain, but unit tradition, Kezgihr was consumed by pyre, ashes spread to the zephyr.

A day after his death, Kezgihr rose from the ashes as the realm's first vampire. His five associates were found, each made his vampire spawn. By the end of the God Era, most of the Forsaken Six had been hunted down and slain; by then vampirism has been spread far and wide. Kezgihr remained on the wanted list of such organizations as Ishtu Irrai and the Wardens of Bal-Kriav for thousands of years.

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