Hedge Sentinel of Helephor
RegionHigh Wood Country
RaceWood Elf

Helephor is a wood elf tribe of Taurelin. Unlike other wood elves of that sector, they never gave up worshiping Silvanus. As such, the Angrods consider this tribe to be a rebel group. The Angrod also hold them in disdain for pulling their forces from the frontier during the ravages of the Gorum Horde. They blame them for the complete destruction of Amanwen by the jara.

If they had put aside religious disagreements, and fought for elven blood, then we would have had enough time to bring up our armies and drive back the jara.

- Siratillë, Angrod general of the Mindo Hírië army - "Helephor Betrayal"

The Helephor roam the eastern tracts of Fauglaith. They are close to the territory of the Witch Horde. The Theegans of this empire have allied with the Helephor in their battles with both the jara and the Angrods. The Helephor are responsible for spreading the druidic arts and even the will of Silvanus into the populace of the Witch Horde.