Silfergath ... creating his own prison
Typedreadnought xixecal

Silfergath was the first and greatest xixecal ever created. He was made by Thyrm and a cadre of primordial ice lords. Silfergath was made to serve as a living war machine. His body radiated extreme cold and dire wintry conditions for a hundred miles in all directions. Those that came within a couple miles of him, and not immune to cold, risked being turned to solid ice.

When he was created from Chaos, his creators decided that he would be made dim-witted and thus easily controllable. This ended up causing problems in the primordial armies, because he would sometimes freeze hundreds of allied troops. Silfergath had to be under constant control, otherwise he wandered about and risked destroying friendly armies.

In the Creation War, Silfergath came into this realm through the Piranoth Cyst. Since he was too much of a risk to friendly forces, Thyrm ordered him to go north and destroy all the angels, gods, any structures he came across. The ever-present blizzard that surrounded Silfergath made him easy to track. His controller, Thyrm, was never able to catch up with him and re-direct his movement because Thyrm was captured in the Second Battle of Regadnîn. Silfergath continued north until he reached the Pearl Sea. He walked into this ocean and became entombed in a rapidly expanding block of ice.

After the Creation War, forces of the Nawirrûs Covenant had him moved to the Prison Continent, now better known as Denerra.

As we moved Silfergath across the beautiful oceans and lands below us, he would start to thaw out. I would then order my great rocs to drop their cargo into the nearest ocean or deep lake and thicken the ice around him. Upon reaching Dulpathâra, the cargo was dropped into a deep mountain lake. There Silfergath would stay in his ice block for all eternity.

- Silvanus, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Relocating Silfergath"

In the Lith-Crillion Era, some eldritch giants of the Thraedli made an arduous trek to Denerra. They were intent on finding a primordial and releasing him. Atop a mountain valley, they came upon a deep lake. The unusual nature of the lake waters, such as its sheen, and a chill that bordered on freezing, yet it was the middle of summer, led them to further investigation. They found the bottom of the lake to be entirely frozen. The Thraedli, being were well-versed in the events of the Creation War, figured that this prison of ice probably held a primordial. They just weren't sure which one. They took a chance and decided to drain the lake. They were met by powerful guardians and magical traps which killed dozens of giants. After sufficiently draining the lake, the lake-bottom ice started to melt. Silfergath broke free from the thawing ice around him. His bitterly cold body froze all those around him. Silfergath then marched onward, not knowing which direction, he just remembered his last orders from Thrym, with his master pointing in a direction and saying "Go that way, destroy our enemies and all that they have built!". Silfergath went over the mountains and to the coasts of Dulpathâra. He then continued into Nautrek and was again entombed in a rapidly expanding block of ice. The block of ice then slid into the depths and slowly began to turn it into an arctic sea.

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