Life Energy Life Force

AliasLife Force
Sourcenatural - Chaos (rare), others (extremely rare)

Life Energy is what gives life to animals, plants, beasts, and anything else considered living. It is the energy of healing spells. Life Energy is found in abundance in Chaos and sparsely across other systems. It has been used by Creationists to populate worlds with life and to create new beings. Life Energy that has been formed and shaped and dosed with powerful magic become Sparks of Creation. These are used to make advanced sentient life-forms.

Life Energy is invisible and cannot be detected without powerful magical devices.

It can pass through a living thing and they won't even know it - unless of course if they are a simple form, in which case it may evolve them to their next state.

- Callarduran, from a scroll found at Primus Hexaconta - "Essence of Life"

Energy Composition
AbilityRequired AmountExamples
Living Classification51%comprised of more life energy than other energy types