Sarzan'nâth is a lonely mountain rising from the depths of Nureum. Along the slopes of this mountain and into it, is a Lith-Crillion fortress named Mirundân. This ancient fortress, long unclaimed spews water from several channels, creating great cascades into the surrounding lake. The thick verdant woodlands of Mavraphas are said to begin at Mirundân. There is an aura of ancient nature magic across Sarzan'nâth slopes that is so strong that weaker minded beings have been permanently changed to something closer to nature. This has the effect of making some become half-feys and others woodlings. In either case you have something that has bonded with nature and unusual mindset like that of a treant.

This change makes them wilder and more drawn to nature and yearning to escape the trapping of civilization.

- Aehin-Mor, of Cheldremn - "Mirundân Effect"

Writings found in the fortress indicate that the mountain was once surrounded by a vast desert basin. Today, the desert is gone, replaced by a large lake and a verdant forest. The druid Aehin-Mor of Cheldremn claims that his investigation of the area led him to believe that the Lith-Crillion that once lived here were using the same nature augmentation magic found in the Pyramid of Nature.

In the Third Epoch, the druid Eclipse went into Mirundân and used one of its ancient forges to create the Briar of Mirundân. This augmented staff of the woodlands was the first item made here since the Lith-Crillion Era. After word got out of the magical forge in the place, other druids have come here seeking it out, and many have perished. The guardians of the place are said to be a fickle lot and often have demanding terms for those seeking to enter the place. One group claims that a pixie prince said that passage would require a leaf from each of the forests of Midrêth:

... and when we were less than eager to take up this quest, a rain of pixie darts fell upon us. Half of the group fell into deep slumber and the rest of us fled for cover. The pixies were an annoyance, the pursuit of centaurs was deadly, but fatigue was the killer. The centaur arrows whistled through the air from double strung bows and the tin cans, slowed by heavy armor were jabbed and stabbed by two headed lances, all the while being peppered with pixie arrows and a forest coming alive against us trespassers.

Only two made it out, the rest perished or became a prisoner. I became the latter, one of those that fell from a blood poison, you see the pixies in the mountain forests of Sarzan'nâth know that groups come here prepared to fight creatures of nature, so they and others of the forest employ all manner of devices, toxins, and tactics to counter the trespassers. I was taken among them and taught the ways of their forest and the gospel of Silvanus.

- Anallôni, druid party member of Gimar's Rangers - "Trespassers of Mirundân"

The nature energy coming off Mirundân makes the island mountain a Focus for Nature. For druids and those casting nature-oriented spells, they will find their spell to be more potent (+4 DC and are treated as under the feat Empower Spell). Druids also recover spells with only a quarter the normal period of rest.

Notable Areas