Tree Talker


Silvanus penned this autobiography. Its passages about the Creation War are some of the most interesting.

The Worm is enormous. It does not fear those that might attack its long body, one stretching for hundreds of feet - for it will just roll over you, crushing with tons of muscle, sinew and fat. It can enlarge its circumference, expanding from its normal fifty foot cross-section to as much as five hundred feet across. The latter size is taken when it is opening the inter-system rift that is its gut. What happens next has never been understood. It blasts the area before it with some sort of disruptive energy that breaks inanimate objects down, separating them into smaller pieces that are drawn upwards in a vortex of debris. The end point for all this is the Worm’s gaping maw. Both living and inanimate are drawn upwards. The living don’t suffer break down like the inanimate. This is because their energy make-up is complex, often with many types of energy, so it requires a bit more effort for the beast to disrupt them. This is not a problem for the Nine-Tongued Worm, it lets the vortex of debris do the grinding, crushing, and ripping. Once inside the Worm’s mouth, all this is dumped into Chaos, lost in a place so vast that all the other solar systems could easily fit into it.

- excerpt from the book Tree Talker